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Here at Only Finishes, we are here to assist you with your project needs. Only Finishes Inc works with you in helping you find the right match and technique for your vision. As a company and team, our main goal is customer satisfaction. Our talented staff will guide you in making your vision from home to business become reality. From Interior wall finishes such as decorative plaster, faux finishes, and wallpaper removal and installation , wood, etc. Our team is here to ensure your project is a success. Only Finishes has a new concept called “Visual Design Studio” where costumers can get a first look at their unfinished project and can get additional ideas from our experienced staff. Located in Babylon, New York Only Finishes has worked from businesses in Manhattan to fine elegant homes in the Hamptons area. Let your vision become a reality with us here at Only Finishes Inc where customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Developing Studio

Is a process we use to create your ideal home or business is important. Every step matters as each one relies on the next. From start to finish, we want your input. You entrust us with the space you want to transform. We take that space, incorporate your ideas and begin to formulate a plan. We create multiple options to meet your needs and present them to you in the hope that we have created your envisioned home or business. Once you’ve made your decision and a plan is finalized, we begin to work. Finally, the resulting project is not complete until you are truly satisfied. Your business is important to us because your establishment reflects our company. We take YOUR SPACE, create a PLAN and give you RESULTS. Only Finishes, Inc. should be your first and only choice.

The space

The initial stages are critical; the first phase is your space. Getting your space to look like your envisioned idea is our goal. Our company can design the look you want whether for your home or business.

We work side-by-side with experienced decorators and designers to create your desired transformation through every single step of our process. We create multiple plans for you so as to give you several options to choose from. The idea is to design your vision into a reality. Looking at the space you’ve provided to us, we begin to make required changes in all areas from walls to floors, as the intention is to provide outcomes that improve your home or business.

The space gives us an insight into your vision; thereby helping us create it using special techniques every step of the way, from our first visit to your home or business. The overall plan starts here and follows, in great detail, every change made along the way. We will be your guide every step of the way, regardless of the intricacies details involved. The space you entrust to us is just as important as our first consultation. We take a close look at the work space and surrounding areas and begin to develop ideas from there. Once we have the ideas, the plans are designed. The space is important as it is needed to achieve the end result.


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The Plan

Once you have provided us with the space, we perform an assessment of it to ensure maximum results. While assessing your space, we identify items and suggest small adjustments or ideas that come to us while performing the walk through assessment. After completion of the assessment, we start creating THE PLAN.

We have the space and we as assistants, keeping in mind all your requested changes, transformation suggestions and envisioned ideas, we go to work recreating the discussed idea and incorporate our adjustments, as agreed by you. The plan starts with the creation of an idea of what we will turn your space into. The idea goes as far as your imagination will carry you, keeping in mind your desired END RESULT. We want our clients to be satisfied with each presented plan, as the end result should be for their use and enjoyment. We provide several alternative options to meet the needs of each client. Once the client approves, we proceed with our plan and begin to survey the space. Our company is now ready to turn your space into your envisioned idea.

Only Finishes, Inc. enters your space and begins to renovate and transform it as agreed upon. After the renovation is complete, your SPACE should read according to PLAN, giving you the ultimate END RESULT. Our goal is to give you the PLAN that best suits your needs and results in a great END RESULT.

The Result

After you give us a SPACE and we give you a PLAN, the RESULTS are complete. Only Finishes, Inc. takes pride in all end RESULTS as we work hard to satisfy your needs. The RESULTS are not just a job completed to us; they are an envisioned idea taken from scratch and completed to the fullest extent with attention paid to every detail. The RESULT is what represents our name and our story. We take pride in every completed project and every satisfied client creates a story in our book.

Our unique techniques and construction finishes speak for us. We are viewed as a job well done and we emphasize in making each project only our best. Complete finishes, all-around detail, and a satisfied customer is our goal each and every time.

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